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We register all our Wills and Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPA) with Certainty the National Will Register and National Will Search Service.

Certainty the National Will Register, the Law Society’s endorsed provider of a national Will register and Will Search service.

Whether you are writing a Will or in the unfortunate situation of distributing an estate, the services provided by Certainty help protect you and your family.

The Certainty team deal with hundreds of enquiries every day and are always on hand to assist. Please do not hesitate to call, email or use the Live Chat service.

More about Certainty

Certainty Will Search and Will Registration is exclusively recommended by key organisations and used by thousands of solicitors, the public, charities and financial institutions to register Wills and search for Wills.

Your will is probably one of the most important documents you will ever make, therefore we recommend you store the original documents.

It is obviously important that your executors in particular know where the originals are held as these are the only ones that will be accepted for use at the probate registry. The Legacy Company can store your wills and other important legal documents.

Executors or other family members or friends are provided with our details so they know who to contact when the time comes.

The documents submitted for storage will be checked for validity, such as testator’s signature, date and witnesses, ensuring witnesses are not named as beneficiaries under the Will.

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